Scott Bryan

Scott Bryan, an employee of Fortescue Metals Group, was seriously injured in a workplace accident in March 2010.  In the above video Scott talks about his experience.

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The Byrnecut group have had a long and successful business relationship with Aurenda going back to 2004

Aurenda have a proven ability to source the best medical interventions for our injured workers from the initial reviews through to specialised treatment and provision of rehabilitation. They are in regular contact with the injured worker and the medical providers and deliver critical updates and information to our sites and corporate management. With information provided by our sites and in consultation with treating doctors, Aurenda are able to develop robust return to work programs that meet legislative requirements and assist with returning the injured workers back to pre-injuries duties.

With over 2000 employees across multiple sites and jurisdictions, Aurenda have a thorough understanding of the applicable legislation. This knowledge assists to develop strategies for improved return to work outcomes for our injured workers and plays a critical role in dealing with insurers and governing bodies through their hands on approach during files reviews, providing a strong voice when assisting to manage difficult claims.

The designated Byrnecut consultants maintain good working relationships with site and corporate management. It is a credit to those consultants who have worked hard to develop an understanding of underground mining including scheduled site visits.

We look forward to our continued alliance with Aurenda, ensuring quality workers compensation and injury management outcomes.

Peter Hallman, BAPL SEQT Manager, Byrnecut Mining

Aurenda has been guiding Swan Transit in safety and Workers Compensation management since 2002. Over the 17-year history, Aurenda’s guidance has been invaluable in creating a safety culture, injury incidence record and workers compensation history that puts it as a leader in our industry.

Aurenda continues to provide training and guidance in safety and injury management to ensure that we maintain our safe workplace culture and superior record of claims management.

We largely attribute our achievement in safety and workers compensation to the partnership we have with Aurenda.

Brian Thompson – General Manager, Swan Transit