Case Studies

Case Study: Injury Management (#2)

Case Study: Injury Management (#2)

After several years of poor performance,  Aurenda implemented best practice processes and established a network of preferred medical and allied health providers. These processes were invaluable to the client, as they had historically struggled to establish such a network due to their remote and isolated worksites and ongoing difficulties with retrieving information from regional public hospitals and providers.

Aurenda also provided comprehensive training to the client’s internal personnel to ensure that all stakeholders were aware of their responsibilities as part of the injury management program. With site managers and supervisors now understanding their role and the impact they can have on reducing the human and financial cost of workplace injuries, Aurenda achieved an incurred cost reduction of 37% for the client in the first year.

In the long term, Aurenda have successfully reduced incurred costs year-on-year to what is now a 97% reduction in incurred claim’s costs since their engagement with Aurenda.

This reduction has not only led to the client experiencing significant premium reductions, but also achieving claim’s cost targets to receive the full potential or their Claims Experience Discounts (CEDs).

Case Study: Injury Management (#1)

Case Study: Injury Management (#1)

Following many years of poor performance that resulted in significant increases to the client’s insurance premiums, Aurenda were sought out and appointed on a trial basis to regain control of the client’s spiralling costs.

Aurenda undertook a strategic review of the Injury Management/Workers Compensation program and provided recommendations to improve processes and mitigate their current claims cost exposures.

Following the strategic review, Aurenda were engaged on a trial basis for a nine-month period, in which time-incurred costs were reduced by a total of 32%.

Aurenda were formally appointed by the client, and continued to reduce costs over the subsequent years, leading to an 86% cost reduction since initial engagement that resulted in an annual saving of approximately $1.23 million.

Aurenda mentored and trained the client’s internal resources, and upskilled them to the point that the client could then manage the day-to-day administration and response in-house with Aurenda: ultimately providing ongoing high level technical and strategic expertise.

Case Study: Safety

Case Study: Safety

Aurenda were contacted by a client following audits from WorkSafe in their WA and Victorian operations.

Both jurisdictions were targeted by that state’s WorkSafe due to a high injury frequency rate, as well as multiple injuries that resulted in prolonged LTI’s.

Aurenda completed a comprehensive audit of their safety management system (SMS) and a staff survey on Safety Culture. From this, a number of key areas for improvement were identified and Aurenda worked closely with the Executive team and Home Managers to make considerable changes in the way that risk was approached within the homes.

This work successfully guided the client and closed out the improvement notices that had been issued by WorkSafe in each jurisdiction, which set the organisation’s long term performance expectations.

From this point on, Aurenda were engaged in a fully outsourced model to manage the client’s Safety and Risk portfolio in its entirety. This partnership has led to significant improvements in workplace culture, a decrease in the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and an overall compliance to legislative requirements. Multiple WorkSafe visits have occurred since our initial engagement and the client has continuously performed exceptionally well.

In addition to this, these improvements have had a flow on effect to insurance premiums. The reduction in the frequency and severity of injuries has had a direct impact on premium calculations and over time, led to the client performing far better than their peers.