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Aurenda is the employers’ advocate in managing the financial and human cost of injury in the workplace. We work for and on behalf of employers to assist them to provide the best care for injured workers and to closely manage the associated financial costs.

We are continually getting told that we are exceeding expectations, so we thought we would put it to the test and conducted an anonymous survey. It was great to get the results and see what a positive impact Aurenda is having. We thought we would share some of these results with you.


The Financial Impact

We were keen to understand what financial impact our Injury Management Services had on our clients.

All responses were favourable as per below:

  • Significant reduction in costs and premiums
  • Better overall management of work and non-work-related injuries and illnesses, leading to reduced costs, lost time etc.
  • A positive return on investment
  • Has saved the organisation significant amounts of money due to claims being managed well and premiums being kept low through professional claims management processes.

People’s perception of managing their own Injury Management Services in-house was not favourable.

  • I don’t think injury management was a core part of our business. I don’t believe managers felt empowered that they were in any part in control, instead of relying on doctors to make the decisions and influenced by the worker.
  • It at times felt like a losing battle due to not having the internal expertise.
  • Having to manage it inhouse is time-consuming and is a risk to miss important information which could be costly for the business, and the recovery for the injured worker/s.

The feedback from clients after experiencing our services was not only positive but confirmed that we’re the leader in our field.

  • Injury Management is never certain, but with Aurendas ongoing guidance we are more in control. We have set up processes and ensured we always have plans in place to try and keep employees at work where we can better encourage them to full duties.
  • They have provided guidance and support around all Injury Management issues.
  • Aurenda can manage all Injury Management issues, nothing gets missed and all recommendations are taken on board.
  • I see the positive results and outcomes of injured persons and how the rehab process assists with overall recovery and return to work.



We Provide the Necessary Expertise

Injury Management is complicated, yet working with us is not. We provide the necessary expertise to manage the entire Injury Management cycle. That is, unlike other providers, we oversee all activities from the time of injury to manage and close cases, including workers compensation claims, public liability or independent non-work-related injuries.

We are here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you.